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Human Resources Services

Skills Testing:

We offer over 1200 interactive testing packages, testing for most major software packages, including Clerical, Call Center, End User, IT, Accounting and Legal office staff.

Power User Tests:

The Power User tests are designed for expert users who have mastered the functions that turbo charge productivity! Whether you need a word processing whiz or a genius with pivot tables, power user tests contain the skill sets that will let you know whether you have found a winner! Word and Excel contain power user tests.

Clerical Office skills tests:

The Office/Professional Package contains over one hundred useful and comprehensive tests. They include data entry alpha/numeric, spelling, grammar, math, proof reading, comprehension and many, many more!

IT Technical Tests

Our Technical Tests measure technical and programming skills. They are the most efficient and versatile technical assessments available. Developed as a tool for the technical recruiter, these assessments can be a critical element of the interviewing process by providing essential information about the actual skills set of your IT candidate.

Valid Tests

Our tests are content valid.

Versatile Question Sets:

Each test contains questions for a variety of skill levels. You can verify basic skills and ascertain the depth of a test taker's knowledge within the same assessment. Sample Word 2000 Test Result


It takes very little time to administer - simply queue up the tests you wish to administer and the software will do the rest!

How to use?

Tests may be administered via Internet, LAN and stand-alone PC.

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