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Here's how to build a great Support Staff:

Interpreting TechTest Scores - General Notes:

Because of the vast nature of programming languages and the varied backgrounds of programmers, you will need to take extra time to evaluate test scores. Each of the following can affect scores:

Development experience:

Formal training: Time since last programming project in the development tool. Experience in a specific area of application development (e.g. OLE in Visual C++).

These tests are difficult by design

If our tests were designed only to test common knowledge, there would be no way to differentiate between general users and people who have exposure to more technical details within the language. Each set of test questions are designed to test a wide variety of skills within each programming language or technical skill.

It is not likely that most users will have experience with every aspect of the programming environment. For this reason, minimum acceptable scores are about 60% for each test. This threshold helps validate that the user demonstrates knowledge about the language but also allows for errors in areas of programming where there is no experience.

As you administer tests to more applicants, you will get a better sense of what test results are for candidates your recruiting attracts. It is important for you to monitor test results in your marketplace and to adjust acceptable score levels accordingly. Our scoring interpretations are designed to serve as guidelines only.

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